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After two years of research and workshops, Wishbone Theatre's new play will premiere at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe festival! Show dates will be posted soon.

The premise:  a feisty, smart, successful proprietress in the Gold Rush years of California with a string of marriages and more than one dead husband attached to her name, is seduced by a charming lawyer. He proposes marriage and what begins as a passionate affair ends with murder at sunset aboard a passenger ferry. Drugs, scandal, suffragists, rumors, lies, promises made and broken...an evil doctor. Are you ready to meet Laura Fair?

Laura Fair

Laura Fair

Alexander P. Crittenden

Alexander P. Crittenden

Why tell this story? The trials of Laura Fair were a media sensation. The press played fast and loose with the facts while the prosecution turned the court proceedings into a morality play, casting Laura as the epitome of evil womanhood. The public vilification and aftermath of someone who challenged popular convention were of great interest to us and relevant to how we view outsiders to this day.

It takes a village.

2015 & 2016 Development Workshop Sessions and FAIR premiere



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Much of the dialogue was taken from the recorded transcripts and letters printed in the Official report of the trial of Laura D. Fair, for the murder of Alex. P. Crittenden, From the short-hand notes of Marsh and Osbourne, official reporters of the courts, San Francisco, San Francisco Co-operative Printing Co., 1871

Special Thanks

 Luke Berri and the University of Michigan Library for providing access to letters between Alexander and Clara Crittenden.